How to Delete Recent Documents in Word Format Effectively

Delete Recent Documents in Word

It is important to know how to delete recent documents in Word format effectively. This way, you remain safe from Internet hackers and infiltrators. It is not out of the ordinary for any computer user to delete recent documents in word format. This is because you will surely accumulate a lot of files over time, and there will definitely be files you no longer need to retain in your system. Thus, you would then delete these files from your computer. However, you have to be very careful with this step. Continue reading

Easily Create a Bootable USB Drive In Just 5 Minutes

Sometimes your computer will have problems when you try to boot it from a hard drive. At theses times you may also not have any CDs or DVDs handy and may need to boot your computer immediately. An easy way to do this is creating a bootable USB drive and using it to boot the computer. Using the USB also allows you to run diagnostics on a computer that had previously refused to boot from the hard drive. It is easy to create a bootable USB using the following simple steps and no special software is needed.

The first thing you should do is to backup all the data that your USB drive may contain because it will be formatted in this process. Continue reading